High fiber recipes


If you want to increase your daily fiber intake, you can do so with these recipes in which fiber is the essential nutrient. They are very easy dishes to prepare with which you will increase your fiber consumption and make your body work better. Fruits, spices or whole wheat flour are some of the ingredients that have to abound in your diet if you want to eat more fiber and regulate your health. In this article we give you some recipes rich in fiber, differentiating breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

The benefits of fiber

Consuming fiber is essential to enjoy good physical health because this nutrient contributes to improving our cardiovascular system and the functioning of our intestinal transit. Many doctors recommend that 25 grams of fiber should be taken daily, a fact that is not always fulfilled and that brings together the two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble.

  • Insoluble fiber: it is found mainly in whole grains and fruits and helps to improve intestinal transit by eliminating constipation and gas; it is responsible for cleaning the walls of the intestine, promoting the evacuation of waste.
  • Soluble fiber: we find it in foods such as legumes or vegetables and they ensure that fats are absorbed more slowly, making it ideal for losing weight. They also regulate the level of cholesterol and glucosein the blood, which is why it is recommended for patients with high cholesterol or diabetes.

Fiber recipes for breakfast

The fiber – rich foods are many and varied: from fruit to whole grains, some vegetables and spices to flavor our dishes. Next we will give you three options for you to prepare a breakfast rich in fiber by combining a series of foods that will increase the intake of this nutrient.

  • Option 1: Bowl of whole grains mixed with raspberry + banana smoothie
  • Option 2: Buttered Cereal Bread Toast + Raspberry Smoothie
  • Option 3: Banana yogurt mixed with walnuts and almonds + raspberry tea

Fiber recipes for lunch

At noon is when we must eat in a greater proportion and provide our body with the amount of calories and essential nutrients to continue our daily activity. Therefore, it is at this time when we will incorporate whole grain flours and legumes since they are carbohydrates and, as such, the best time to take them is at noon.

At night the consumption of carbohydrates should be limited since they have a high component in glucose that, since it is not burned, can end up accumulating in our body with saturated fat. In this article we explain this topic in detail by telling you what the best time to eat carbohydrates is.

The foods rich in fiber that we propose are the following:

  • Option 1: Whole wheat macaroni with vegetables and a touch of oregano + a piece of fruit
  • Option 2: Sautéed spinach with walnuts + baked hake with basil + banana yogurt
  • Option 3: Lentils with mushrooms + raspberry smoothie

Recipes with fiber for a snack

Never skip the snack! One of the basic premises of a healthy diet is to eat five meals a day that should include a snack. However, do not think of sweet or fat-filled snacks, it is best to have a high-fiber snack to reduce the feeling of hunger and provide our body with essential nutrients for its functioning.

By taking something at snack time, we manage not to arrive at dinner so hungry and, therefore, we reduce calories late in the day, something essential to enjoy restful nights and a leaner body. The examples of high-fiber snacks that we propose are the following:

  • Option 1: Mixed fruit salad (banana, strawberries, watermelon, orange, etc.)
  • Option 2. Yogurt with nuts
  • Option 3: Banana smoothie with a hint of cinnamon

Fiber recipes for dinner

The dinner has to be a time when we reduce the quantities since our body is preparing to go to sleep and, therefore burning calories will be reduced. For this reason, at dinner it is recommended not to take carbohydrates or sugars that cannot be burned and will remain accumulated in our body in the form of saturated fat.

The ideal thing for this time of day is to opt for vegetables and proteins that burn quickly and their digestion is light, so we will sleep without any alterations. As the quantities are smaller, it is advisable to make dinners rich in fiber to increase the feeling of satiety in a healthy way; here are 3 examples:

  • Option 1: Mixed salad with avocado and nuts + fruit yogurt
  • Option 2: Boiled broccoli and a French omelet
  • Option 3: Cream of carrot + grilled chicken with oregano



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