How to eat between meals in a healthy way


Divide the food into five daily intakes is a way not to strain the digestive system and to keep glucose levels in a permanent balanced state to alleviate the effects of anxiety. We must consider these breaks as necessary and not as a mere childish whim, to plan them with contents of truly nutritious ingredients that can vary depending on age, physiological condition and activity.

Steps to follow:

One.The typical snacks are recommended as long as reasonable products are consumed that do not include an overload of fats, such as fried foods, or sugars such as those provided by industrial pastries, sugary soft drinks, chocolate bars or cakes.

Two.It is a mistake to pretend to neutralize anxiety by using sugar as an immediate-acting remedy. This causes blood sugar levels to rise and fall dramatically, like a roller coaster that further throws the nervous system out of balance.

3.The mid-morning break in the morning or mid-afternoon may be the ideal time for a sandwich of whole wheat bread with seeds, stuffed with lettuce leaves, sprouts and a succulent slice of seitan rich in the amino acid tryptophan, the precursor of serotonin. Muesli bars , cereal or sesame, which are a quick, delicious and effective alternative to chocolate.

4.Quality integral pastries can be used, always understood as a possibility of including authentic foods such as whole wheat, eggs, nuts or oil, and not as a compendium of industrial fats and sugars.

5.For people who do moderate activity, it is a good time to have a few pieces of fruit. It is important to set a time a day for these shots and take them calmly.



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