How to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables


It costs to get children to eat fruits and vegetables. Seeing the green color on the plate, most of the children refuse to eat, the negotiation begins and mealtime becomes an eternal torture. The refusal of many children to eat vegetables combines the personal whim and taste of each child and the characteristics of vegetables and fruits that make them unappetizing for children. Children’s stomachs are small and what they want is a lot of calories in a small volume. Fruits and vegetables are just the opposite: high fiber and low calories. On the other hand, the strong flavor of vegetables like spinach, cabbage or broccoli is simply not liked by children who generally prefer the sweet taste. We will hardly make them your favorite food but with the following tricks we can have children eat fruits and vegetables.

Steps to follow:

One.Eat fruits and vegetables: For the child to eat fruits and vegetables and integrate them into their diet normally, it is essential that they eat fruits and vegetables in their family environment.

Two.Don’t use dessert as a negotiating weapon to get the child to eat the vegetables. If you do this you are instilling in him the idea that vegetables are a punishment and sweets are a reward.

3.Don’t try to get your child to eat every single fruit and vegetable. Let the child choose which fruits and vegetables he wants to eat or cause him less rejection.

4.Try “sweet” vegetables such as peas, corn, carrots, squash … and always in small quantities and as a garnish. Literally four peas, four kernels of corn…. A couple of pieces of apple or pear instead of the whole piece of fruit.

5.Present the dishes in a fun way: The colors of the vegetables allow us to “draw” faces, landscapes…

6.Better yet, cook dishes with vegetables with him: pizzas with vegetables, salads, sandwiches with a lettuce leaf…

7.One way to eat fruit is in the form of jam if it is better homemade. Although it is packaged and contains sugar, the jam contains a high percentage of fruit.

8.Fruits can be easily carried everywhere. When you are away from home and he asks you for something to eat, give him some fruit that he likes. At first she will complain and say that she does not want it but when she sees that there is nothing else, in the end she will eat it.

9.Use chopped or grated vegetables to incorporate them in sauce, cream soups or as filling for dumplings, croquettes, cannelloni and lasagna. The child is more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if they are camouflaged and mixed with dairy.



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