How to make a sandwich without bread


Do you love to eat a good sandwich for dinner? You should know that carbohydrates such as bread are not allowed at night as they provide a large amount of energy that, if not consumed, will end up being stored in our body as saturated fat. So, if you want to enjoy the delight of a sandwich at night but without your body suffering the slightest bit, you can try one of the recipes that are most fashionable today: sandwiches without bread!

Although a priori it may seem impossible, it is certain that there are many ways to enjoy this delicious dish without adding excess calories to our body cannot metabolize. In addition, they are perfect recipes for people who follow the paleo diet that, among other things, prohibits the consumption of processed products such as flour. So, take note and learn how to make a sandwich without bread with these 7 proposals that we give you below. Good and healthy profit!

Sandwich with cucumber

One of the easiest ways to make a sandwich without bread is to take advantage of the shape of the cucumber to create our best supports for the ingredients that we will include in the sandwich that we will prepare.

For this, it will be enough for us to take a cucumber that is medium or large (depending on how hungry we are), clean it thoroughly and then, if we want, we can peel it to keep only the meat (it can also be taken with the skin as long as when you clean it well).

Once ready, you will have to cut the cucumber in half and empty it inside so that you can put the food in. Once ready, you just have to prepare your sandwich with what you like the most: ham, tomato, lettuce, tuna, and cheese, whatever comes to mind!

Sandwiches with large lettuce leaves

You can also opt for a healthy la mar sandwich made with large lettuce leaves instead of bread. It is a delicious alternative as well as very light and that can contain both hot and cold ingredients.

To make this sandwich, you just have to take two pieces of lettuce that are quite large or, at least, enough so that it can contain the food you want to eat. Once chosen, wash them thoroughly and insert the ingredients of your sandwich inside. If you want to give the recipe greater stability, just stick one or two toothpicks in it so that it does not come apart at the first change.

Sandwich without bread and with gratin cheese

Now we are going to propose another recipe that is delicious but that is only suitable for people who are passionate about cheese. It is about replacing the bread in the sandwich with gratin cheese, not melted, as this will harden it and can serve perfectly as if it were bread. If you want to take care of your line, we recommend that the cheese be 0% or skimmed in order to reduce its fat.

To prepare this original sandwich without bread you will need to cut a thick portion of cheese (at your choice) making sure it is rectangular, square or round depending on the type of sandwich you want to prepare. Once you have cut it, we recommend that you fill it with the ingredients you want (think that it will be a hot dish so you can include different meats such as hamburgers, chicken breast, etc.).

When you have it assembled, you only have to preheat the oven for 5 minutes and then put the sandwich in “grill” mode so that it can be gravitated on both sides. In about 3 minutes, the cheese will be ready and, therefore, you can turn off the oven. Let it cool a bit before eating it because you could burn yourself.

Sandwich with mushrooms

The following sandwich that we propose is also a perfect option to reduce the bread in your diet without giving up a dish as delicious as sandwiches. But, on this occasion, the size of our recipe will be preceded by the size of the mushroom that we have chosen, so we recommend that, if you are very hungry, you choose one that is quite large or that you prepare two small sandwiches to satiate your appetite. The mushroom that you can use as a topping for your sandwich can be of your choice.

To prepare this original dish, the first thing we will have to do is cook the mushroom, for this we will have to cut the tail and empty it inside so that we only have the hood of the mushroom. Later, we will have to go through the grill to cook it so that it is not raw; As soon as you have it ready, you just have to assemble your sandwich with the ingredients you prefer inside.

One tip: mushrooms tend to have a smooth and viscous texture, so to better combine with the rest of the ingredients, we recommend that you grill it in the oven or through a toaster, in this way you will achieve a more crunchy and delicious result.

With ham or turkey

The following sandwich without bread is very easy to prepare and can be eaten both hot and cold, depending on the ingredients you put inside. It is about using slices of ham or turkey as if they were fajitas and, thus, being able to enjoy a healthy and low-fat dish.

If inside you want to add cheese, pepper and tuna, we recommend that you put it in the microwave for 20 seconds at maximum power so that the cheese melts a little if the sandwich is disassembled; If you want to fill it with salad and cold vegetables, you will simply have to place the ingredients inside the slice and then give it a few turns so that it stays rolled. Easy and great!

Sandwich with eggplant

The eggplant can also serve as a basis for exquisite healthy and low – calorie snack. The meat of this vegetable is thick and tough, optimal elements so that our recipe does not disassemble and can contain ingredients of all kinds. To prepare the aborigines we just have to wash them, peel them and then cut them into thick slices that will serve as a support for our plate.

Now, to cook them, it will be enough to make them on the grill, that is, we will put a splash of oil in a frying pan and when it is hot we will add the aborigine slices, letting them cook on both sides; When they are ready, we will remove them from the heat, let them cool down a bit and then we will only have to assemble our sandwiches. Easy, fast and delicious!

Sandwich with tomato instead of bread

And to finish we are going to propose you another perfect dish to stop eating bread at night or during your diet. It is about taking advantage of the salad tomatoes to prepare a delicious sandwich that can be both hot and cold. You should know that the size of your recipe will be entirely dependent on the size of the tomato and that, of course, we should totally discard cherry tomatoes since they are not the size we need to prepare our recipe.

Thus, in order to prepare this original sandwich, we just have to wash the tomato well, cut it in half and place the ingredients we want in between. If we choose to prepare the dish in the image, you should know that the cheese and the hamburger must be cooked separately since if we heat the tomato it can become soft and, therefore, the dish can be disassembled.


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