How to make an Oreo shake


Thanks to their unique flavor and mix of textures, Oreo cookies represent one of the favorite breakfasts and snacks for both adults and children. We can take them alone or include them in our dessert recipes and eat them in a different way. With them we can make a delicious Oreo cake, brownies, and cupcakes or even make a smoothie. If you like this last idea and want to know the recipe, don’t miss this article and discover how to make an Oreo shake.


  • 500 ml cold milk
  • 15 Oreo cookies
  • 1 cup of vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream (optional)

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

One.To make the Oreo shake you must leave all the ingredients ready. It is recommended that the milk is very cold so that you can drink it when you finish. Also, if you wish, you can put the cookies in the refrigerator an hour before so that they are also cold. The amounts are indicative, depending on the amount and intensity you must add or remove.

Two.The first thing we are going to do is crush the cookies a bit so that it is easier to crush them. Put them directly into a high-rimmed container, or blender if you are using this utensil.


3.Now, pour in half the milk and leave it a few seconds for the cookies to soften. Start beating at medium speed and, little by little, add the rest of the milk. Then, add the vanilla ice cream and continue beating.

4.You must beat until all the ingredients have been properly integrated and the result is a somewhat creamier milk. Try the Oreo shake and, if you consider it necessary, add more cookies or milk, depending on whether you want it more or less liquid.

5.When you have it ready, serve it in glasses and, as a decoration, add whipped cream with a pastry bag and place a whole Oreo cookie or, mash it, and sprinkle it. You now have your finished homemade Oreo shake! As you can see, making your own smoothies is very simple and the result is spectacular.


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