How to make strawberry smoothies


Smoothies are very similar to smoothies, although they contain a different ingredient, such as milk or yogurt. The base to prepare this drink is very simple, but there are many recipe options each with a different touch, depending on the taste of each one or the occasion. You can prepare strawberry smoothies for a snack, for a cocktail or for children’s parties as an alternative to carbonated sodas. Get ready to learn how to make strawberry smoothies in this article, and enjoy!

The base of the strawberry smoothie

Making a basic strawberry smoothie is very easy. We have to put in a blender about 20 strawberries (or 10 large strawberries) cleaned and cut, half a glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, a natural or strawberry yogurt and four or five ice cubes. We blend everything for 40 seconds and that’s it!

Add honey and chocolate

For those of you who lose your sweet tooth, there is a great recipe for this drink that adds that hint of sugar that we all need from time to time. Honey can be a substitute for the two tablespoons of sugar, in this way we sweeten the drink a little more and give it another texture, a little creamier.

We can add the chocolate at the end as a decoration: melt a little in a bowl and pour a couple of teaspoons into the smoothie when it is served in the glass. Also, if you save a couple of whole strawberries, you can dip them in the hot chocolate and let it cool and solidify to use as a decoration.

Strawberry banana smoothie

If you want an extra boost of energy to start the day right, add a banana to the smoothie. So reduce the dose of strawberries and chop them together with the banana, blend the mixture with the rest of the ingredients of the basic smoothie and put it in a glass. You can decorate it, for example, with a slice of orange. And you are ready to start the day!

The healthiest alternative: oats

For those who want to take care of the line there is also a strawberry smoothie. In this case, the ingredients change a bit: replace normal milk with soy milk, put half a cup of oat flakes, a sliced ​​banana, and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and reduce the sugar intake, with a teaspoon and a half it will be enough. Do not put yogurt in this recipe.

To make this smoothie you must mix all the ingredients and blend them, and it will be ready for you to relax and drink it. You can decorate it with cinnamon stick or sprinkle.

Something exotic? Try the coconut

If we want to continue learning how to make strawberry smoothies, adding coconut to it is an original idea that will give your refreshing drink an exotic touch, as well as a delicious flavor. Put half a kilo of strawberries, 3/4 cup of water, two tablespoons of coconut milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a blender. And the procedure is the same as in the previous recipes: blend and enjoy!


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