How to make diet macaroni


If you are dieting but you can’t suppress the urge to eat pasta, don’t worry: you don’t have to give up this Italian dish, you simply have to take it by following a series of tips that will ensure that your food does not contain so many calories and is ideal for your diet.

Here we tell you how to make diet macaroni and enjoy your favorite dish without having any regrets.

Choose the right pasta

The first thing you should do to be able to enjoy pasta during the diet is to choose a pasta that suits the needs of your diet. To do this, you must take into account that a series of premises:

  • Buy whole-grain macaroni : it is not the same to eat a white pasta dish than to make it from whole-wheat pasta since the carbohydrates you eat are slow-absorbed and with large amounts of fiber, which promote intestinal transit.
  • Do notbuy pasta made with eggs : this way, you will eliminate the fat from the egg and enjoy a dish with fewer calories.
  • Whenever you can, buy fresh pasta: they are better for our health as well as not containing additives or extra salts.
  • If you are passionate about stuffed pasta, choose vegetable fillingsbefore protein fillings, in this way, you will eat your favorite dish but without gobbling up so many calories.

Choose low-calorie sauces

To know how to make diet macaroni, it is useless to choose whole wheat pasta if, later, we eat it with carbonara sauce. It is important that you accompany your pasta dish with low-calorie sauces and where vegetables are the star ingredient.

Among all the sauces that exist, here we have made a special selection of those suitable for your diet macaroni, take note:

Neapolitan sauce: this sauce is mainly made from vegetables such as carrots, leeks, onion, chives, natural tomatoes, garlic cloves and oil. The trick to making this sauce lower in calories is to reduce the oil portion and, instead of using a can of tomato, it is better to mash the natural tomato yourself for a healthier sauce with fewer calories.

Pesto sauce: it is one of the sauce composed of fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper. The trick to making pesto sauce lower in calories is to substitute sheep’s milk cheese and Parmesan cheese for 0% fat options.

Mushroom sauce: it is made up of garlic, mushrooms, chives, olive oil, and fresh rosemary. This sauce requires the use of cream cheese and milk, so if you want it to have fewer calories it is important that you use light or skim products to reduce the fat in its composition.

Arrabiata sauce: it is a sauce made with ripe tomatoes, onion, garlic, chilies, basil and olive oil. This sauce, being made up of only vegetables, contains hardly any calories, yes: control the amount of oil you add to the mixture, the less the better!

Tips for your diet macaroni

In order to introduce macaroni into your diet without overdoing it or gaining kilos, here we give you some tips that you can apply during your meals that will help you to maintain your line without giving up this exquisite dish.

  • The first tip of all is that you reduce the usual portionthat you usually take of macaroni by 30% or 50%; to fill the void, you can accompany your plate with a large salad that will help you feel full.
  • Another tip is to combine pasta with vegetablesto make your portion larger without adding extra calories; In this sense, if you do not want to use any of the sauces that we have listed in the previous point, you can accompany your plate of diet macaroni with zucchini, aborigines or peppers and enjoy a healthy dish with very few calories.
  • If you cannot imagine a pasta dish without cheese, we recommend that you substitute the usual cheese for one that is low in calories or skim, in this way, you will enjoy all its flavor without its calories.


In general, to know how to make diet macaroni you must take into account two main factors: one is that the ingredients you use for your recipe are low in calories and the other is that the way of cooking is not very greasy or oily.


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